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The Greatest Road Trip USA? - Our Round USA Road Tour.

The State of Nevada, USA

Part of a year long trip from Sept ’94 - Sept ’95 through 36 USA States and 2 Canadian Provinces by Jean and Graham Beven in ‘Serendipity’ their 30 foot Winnebago Chieftain.

Nevada - Round Trip USA

We were 29 days in the state of Nevada, USA as there was lots to do on our must see list of places to visit.

There are five National Wildlife Refuges, twenty Bureau of Land Management areas, two National Parks and ---- State Parks in the state of Nevada.

The State Tourist Office for the state of Nevada, USA is: Nevada Commission on Tourism - 5151 S Carson St. Carson City, NV 89710


13th Feb. 1995. Arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada from daily circus acts, Jugglers, Acrobats, Clowns, Daredevils, Aerialists, Trick Cyclists and more! Arizona. Stayed in Vegas until 15th - Free camping on the overflow for the Circus Circus, Casino, RV Park and Hotel. Gambling, plus the daily circus acts, Jugglers, Acrobats, Clowns, Daredevils, Aerialists, Trick Cyclists and more! Every 15 minutes from 11:15 to midnight. The first 'Circus' act of the day is at 11:15. Five acts run, rotating throughout the day 'till 17:00 then another five rotate through the evening till midnight. Other casinos had - Free pulls! Free drinks while you play! (Hic!) Free popcorn! Country and western look-likes – Garth Brookes (George Mick) etc. Checked out the north end of the strip, calling in on all the casinos along the way.

16th All Circused out! Moved down to Hacienda Casino (CtoC) at the southern end of the Vagas strip. Parked on the overflow area – with as much room as we wanted! 7 nights for $7. Pool was cold and hot tub not working (out of season!) Chilling out and topping up the tan.

We had ordered a new windscreen for the motor home as the drivers side screen had developed a really bad crack - and were waiting for it to be delivered. We claimed on the insurance - no bother there!

Did the obligatory trips to Caesars Palace , Excalibur, MGM , Flamingo, Treasure Island , Kon Tiki, Luxor and other casinos.

We learned the rules and how to play roulette. You can too!

Graham had flu on the last few days, so didn't feel like doing much.

Book Tours and Activities In Las Vegas!

23rd Left Las Vegas and headed out to Pahrump, Nevada - and Death Valley, California. Did a load of shopping before going out of town in Vegas. Camping at Referred RV Park (CtoC) Pahrump, NV. Graham was recovering from his flu stayed for 7 days swimming, hot tubbing, relaxing.

2nd Left Pahrump, NV. very early in the morning and headed into California to visit Death Valley. Coming back through late on the 3rd heading back to Las Vegas.

3rd March 1995 Returned to Las Vegas from California on our Death Valley trip. Camped at Circus Circus Casino again and paid another visit to the casino! (Well you have to, havn't you?)

4th Left Vegas to go to Boulder City, Nevada via the Hoover Dam. Another of Grahams must see locations. He is rather ‘into’ dams! Even Jean thought that the story of the Hoover Dams construction was ‘quite interesting’.

Hoover Dam was known as Boulder Canyon Project whilst under construction.

After visiting the Hoover Dam and Visitors Centre we did the Lake Mead (Scenic) Drive, calling in at Hemenway boat ramp and restaurant for lunch - The carp swimming under the floating pontoons were huge! 20 pounders and bigger! There were some quite big stripers too. There were 'No Fishing' signs everywhere and we recon the fish can read. By the time we got round the scenic drive it was too late to keep going to Nevada so we visited a nearby casino. Being very reckless we took a $100 travellers cheque and put the cash through the slots and came out of the first round with $130 in the pot! Changing $100 into ‘quarters’ and increased our pot some more! By the end of a hectic evening we had $170, bought back our travellers cheque from the cashier and pocketed the $70. Camped overnight on the car park with the tail of the motor home hanging over a ravine – a great view to wake up to on the 5th.

5th Headed off to Boulder City, Nevada. A pleasant journey – even though the heavens opened making visibility poor. In addition to it being an uphill struggle, with a strong headwind. Stayed at the casino in Boulder City, NV. The all you can eat buffet was only $3.99 so, guess where we ate?

6th From Boulder City, NV. to Laughlin, Nevada.

Visited the Davis Dam and Power plant about seventy miles south of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, just above Bullhead City. The lake that is created by the dam Lake Mohave is a really great place. The dam wasn't that impressive but the powerhouse and visitors centre were.

Moved down to Laughlin and spent some time in the Riverside Casino – We won sufficient funds to have a good time and a nice meal on the house! Camped overnight at the casino.

7th from Laughlin, NV. to Needles, Nevada. Camping at Northshore RV Resort.

8th March From Needles, NV. towards Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


4th April re-entered Nevada from Arizona and re-visited the Hoover Dam, NV. and found our way back to Haciendas Casino, Las Vegas, NV. Took our daughter to a few of the casinos at that end of the strip. Played a few slots and took photos! The pool at Hacienda was warm and we had a great swim – planned on staying till the 6th – doing much of a similar thing. Treasure Island, Volcano, MGM etc all over again! But we love it.

7th Moved to Circus Circus at the other end of the strip. Paid another visit to Silver City Casino. Our daughter was getting into the mood for ‘Slots of Fun!’

8th We had to go to Laughlin, N V. again - ‘to pick up mail’ – any excuse to go back to Riverside Casino for us! The all you can eat carvery is out of this world at Riverside. Picked up a broken down RV driver and dropped him in Laughlin town. Stayed till the morning of the 10th when we headed off to Needles, California.


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