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The Greatest Road Trip USA? - Our Round USA Road Tour.

The State of Oregon, USA

Part of a year long trip from Sept ’94 - Sept ’95 through 36 USA States and 2 Canadian Provinces by Jean and Graham Beven in ‘Serendipity’ their 30 foot Winnebago Chieftain.

Oregon: Round Trip USA

We stayed and played in the state of Oregon, USA as there was lots to do on our must see list of places to visit and we were waiting for the weather to improve as we headed north.

There are however four National Wildlife Refuges, eighteen Bureau of Land Management areas, four National Parks and ---- State Parks in the state of Oregon.

The State Tourist Office for the state of Oregon, USA is: Oregon Tourism Division - 775 Summer Street NE, Salem, OR 97310


24th May A monster day driving 311 miles. From Crescent City, California. to Grants Pass, Oregon. via Crater Lake. Through Medford, Oregon and up to Crater Lake, Oregon. and back. The snow was horrendous but the view was worth the trip. Regrettably we arrived after the visitors centre had closed. No trip to Oregon would be complete without visiting Crater Lake National Park. The lake has amazing sapphire blue water in the unique setting of being inside the caldera of a collapsed volcano. The eruption ceased about 7,000 years ago. Crater Lake is the worlds seventh deepest lake - giving rise to the water colour! There is a terrific overlook close to the Rim Village Visitor Centre. The 'Rim Drive' was closed due to snow! Opens each year in June.

On the way back down we stopped a fish hatchery for tea. The salmon were collecting at the fish ladder in their thousands. It was a spectacular site to behold. Overnighted in Grants Pass, OR.

25th Back into California for a couple of days crabbing in Crescent City, CA.


27th Back from California - Moving off north on Highway 101. Through Brookings Harbour, Oregon. where we stopped to watch the boats coming and going before moving up to Harris Beach State Park, Oregon. Stayed at the Rest Area. Spent the day on the beach – sunbathing and walking. 28th and 29th same again. We can’t rush north as the weather up north is still too cold to do what we are doing at this time of year!

30th After calling back into Brookings to get some supplies we headed off north through Pistol River, Oregon. Hunter Creek, Oregon. Gold Beach, Oregon. Crossing the high bridge just to the north before going through Wedderburn, Oregon and Neskia Beach, Oregon before stopping at the Rest Area at Ophir, Oregon. Lovely views of the Pacific Ocean. All we need now is some warm sun! Stayed 2 nights ‘till 1st June, in this popular rest area with other campers.

Between 1st June and 4th Travelled north again to Coos Bay, Oregon. through Port Orford, Oregon. Sixes, Langlois and Bandon, Oregon. There were no places to overnight between Ophir and Coos Bay. We were disappointed because the smelt were in at Bandon – Caught 15 smelt, before moving up to Coos. Spent the rest of the week end at Coos Bay, OR. Travelling backwards and forwards to Charleston, Oregon. where we spent some time crabbing. Total catch 5 large Dungeness and 2 Red Rock crabs. What a feast!

5th and 6th Stayed in the triangle Coos, Bandon and Charleston. Fishing, Crabbing and sunning ourselves! Caught some herring and smelt and the odd crab.

7th A dry mild day. Moved up the coast a little on 101. Through Hauser, Oregon. and Lakeside, Oregon. Winchester Bay, Oregon. where we spent the day – crabbing – no luck! Moved into Reedsport, Oregon - to overnight at the visitors centre.

8th A few more miles today. Still on 101 through Gardiner, Oregon. Watched dune buggies in the Oregon Dunes National Park at the Oregon Dunes Overlook just south of Dune City, Oregon. Some schools are closing for the summer today so we expect a lot more traffic on the roads now particularly at the weekends. Travelled through Florence, Oregon. and entered the Siuslaw National Forest, where we stopped at the Visitors Centre and learned a bit about the area, whales and sea life. Followed the Tide-pool Trail and saw Purple Sea Urchins, Starfish, Sea Anemones and Hermit Crabs as well as many different species of seaweed.

When the tide was at its lowest we were at Bolon Island on Hwy 101 just north of the Umpqua River where we saw people out on the mud - we found that we were permitted to go Clam Digging for Eastern Soft Shell Clams and Cockles here so we had a go! We were given instruction on 'how to' and ended up with a bucket load. Graham liked them fried with a bit of bacon. Jean wasn't all that keen but ate some anyway.

After we left we passed the Sea lion Caves – Saw over 100 sea lions (Stella’s) on the rocks. Stella are a light brown.

9th, Florence, OR. to Cape Perpetua, Oregon. Stopped at Heceta Head Lighthouse and saw whales ‘blowing’ about a mile off the coast. Visited Devils Churn Viewpoint, low tide so not much of a churn more a soup bowl! Drove up onto the top of the cape for the view - What a view. Spent the rest of the day at the Cape Perpetua visitor centre. Watching local films – viewing exhibits about the cape and walking the trails. Through tide pools – held a green anemone. Saw starfish, acorn limpets, mussels etc. A young seal was basking in the sun. Overnight at the visitor centre. (Locked in!)

10th Yachats and up to Waldport, Oregon. We like this part of the coast a lot. Over the next few days we moved between Waldport, OR. and Newport, Oregon. and back again! Bought a new crab ring from Wal-Mart where we were camping. caught 4 crabs one day and then at Newport, OR. on the dock we had a bumper day. 27 good sized Dungeness and Red Rock crabs – Weather was appalling but didn’t stop us having fun! Crabbing and ‘jigging’ for smelt. Jean is really ‘hooked’ on fishing now!

11th to the 15th stayed around Newport, OR. Having cooked all the crabs last night we now have to take all the meat out of the shells. including the 4 from the other day we have 31 to shell! This we think will take the best part of the day. We parked facing the sea at Agate Beach. Lots of people come there in search of agate. But all they find is sand, sea and driftwood!

We visited the Lighthouse at Yaquina Head on Hwy 101, 3miles north of Newport - The tallest lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Climbed to the top over 90 feet above ground level. Got close up views of seabird nesting sites on the rocks and cliffs around. Saw whales 'blowing' out at sea - but couldn't identify them. A brilliant place to visit.

16th Thought we’d better move a bit so we headed north From Newport, OR. to Neskowin, Oregon. passing through Agate Beach, Otter Rock – where we visited the ‘Devils Punchbowl’ the tide was good so saw lots of foam and geysers forced through blow holes.- Through Depoe Bay, Lincoln Beach, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln City, Oregon and Otis.

17th From Neskowin to Garibaldi, Oregon. driving through Oretown, Cloverdale, Hebo, Hemlock, Pleasant Valley, and stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Makers. As a farmer owned cooperative, they take pride in continuing the tradition of quality cheese making started over a century ago. They believe it takes ‘a purity of purpose’ to make cheese like Tillamook Cheese. That's why they've used the same cheese recipe for over 100 years, and why they say they will continue to use it in the future. Took part in a cheese tasting - yummy!

We moved on to Bay City stopping in Garibaldi, OR. Had our last crabbing session before we move up towards Washington State the next day.

Between the 18th and 20th From Garibaldi through Rockway Beach, Wheeler, Nahalem, Cannon Beach , Seaside , Gearhart and Astoria, Oregon. Crossing the Columbia River on the afternoon of the 20th Into Washington State. Saw whales today. Washington



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