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The Greatest Road Trip USA? - Our Round USA Road Tour.

Coming Home

Part of the year long trip from Sept ’94 - Sept ’95 through 36 USA States and 2 Canadian Provinces by Jean and Graham Beven in 'Serendipity' their 30 foot Winnebago 'Chieftain'.

We shipped our motorhome to the Europe from Rhode Island on an intercontinental ferry operated by a shipping line called Hual. The trip was booked through a local shipping agent.

The Hual ferry services the east coast of north and south America, the west coast of Europe and Africa, travelling clockwise with the prevailing winds for half the year and when the wind changes, anti-clockwise.

In the autumn of 1995, the one way (unaccompanied) trip for the motorhome took about two weeks to Antwerp, where we picked it up and drove back to the UK.

We were pleasantly surprised at the price of only $1600 (remember this was in 1996)

As a personal import to the UK, registered, owned and used outside of Britain, for more than 6 months we were not liable for any import duty or VAT (but had to keep the vehicle for over 12 months in the UK).

We drove on the Texas number plates from Antwerp and on insurance (green card) we had arranged in the UK. We also had to register the motorhome with our local DVLA office as soon we reached our UK home address.

We also had to source UK headlights, MOT the vehicle (at a commercial vehicle MOT station). All whilst we were still living in it!

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