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Picture of 'Serendipity' our WinnebagoThe White House, Washington DCGraham and The Statue of LibertyJean and Graham at The Grand Canyon

The Greatest Road Trip USA? - Our Round USA Road Tour.

Washington DC

Part of a year long trip from Sept ’94 - Sept ’95 through 36 USA States and 2 Canadian Provinces by Jean and Graham Beven in ‘Serendipity’ their 30 foot Winnebago Chieftain.

Washington DC - Round Trip USA

We only spent 2 days in the state of Washington DC, USA as we could see all we needed to see on our must see list of places to visit in that time.

There are however eleven National Parks and ---- State Parks in Washington DC.

The State Tourist Office for Washington DC, USA is: Washington Convention and Visitors Association - 1212 New York Ave. Suite 600, Washington DC 20005

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17th From Virginia Washington DC, Overnight at a bus depot car park in Washington DC. Nearly got blocked in by the workers cars. A tight squeeze to get out am 18th.

Picture of Arlington Cemetery in the fall18th October 1994 we visited Arlington Cemetery. Technically this is in the state of Virginia. Taking the guided tour of America 's largest national burial ground with around 600 acres of landscaped countryside. Among the thousands of headstones are the graves of President John Kennedy in an open area, world champion boxer Joe Louis and America 's most decorated soldier, Audie Murphy who is buried on Memorial Drive, which was one of the main reasons Graham wanted to go - to salute him! Arlington also houses the Tombs of the Picture of The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier - American Civil War Unknown Soldiers from all the conflicts since the American civil war. The cemetery occupies the site of the home of Robert E Lee, the Curstis-Lee estate. Arlington House was General Lee’s home at the time of the outbreak of the American civil war. The house is now The Robert E Lee Memorial. The Arlington Cemetery for Union dead was established in the grounds of Arlington House in 1864.

Picture of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.

The changing of the guard at Arlington House is a spectacle not to be missed. With the guard changing, carrying out precision silent rifle drill.

Did out own city tour, got lost a few times! Crossed the Potomac River more times than we could count. Saw the Pentagon, and visited the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC. Built from Feb. 1914 and completed in 1922. The 36 columns of the memorial represent the number of states in the union at the time of Lincoln's death - The statue is 19 feet high and 19 feet wide and made of 28 blocks of white Georgia marble. From the Lincoln Memorial it is only a short walk to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, close to the Washington Monument - The obelisk that is so much of a signature sight of Washington DC.

We tried to visit the White House but arrived as the queue moved into the entrance and the attendant/guide refused us entry as we had joined the queue after the 'closing time'.

Picture of the White House, Washington DC.
Picture of The White House, Washington DC.

We visited the Senate and the US Capitol Building marveled at the rotunda from the inside, one of the world's largest domes. Picnicked on the steps of the Supreme Court and walked by the Library of Congress

At the end of a hectic day moved out to Fredricksburg, Virginia


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